Why The Box!

First of all, let me introduce myself to you all, and let me tell you why I have come up with the Mustang Box!


My name is Lauren Viles, owner and founder of Mustang Box Boutique, LLC. I grew up in Montana on a ranch, with lots of siblings. I currently reside in Cody, Wyoming, with my amazing, supportive husband Justin, and my two beautiful babies, Cruz who is 5, and Londyn who is 2. They are my life, and they are the reason for everything I do.

My passions are my horses and rodeoing because it is something my husband and I can do as a family, and allow our kids to be a part of such a positive, hard-working community! It is our way of life, and I love every part it brings to our little family!

I am currently a high school math teacher in Cody. I love my job, and I love working with kids. Taking on new ventures in life excites me and only makes me work that much harder to be successful!


I have always been the one to throw baby showers for mommas, and always loved giving fun, unique gifts! When I had my baby, Cruz, I was a first time mommy, so I was just trying everything out and wrote down what worked and what didn’t! The best thing that I received from one of my friends was the “Baby List”. It was the Baby Bible in my eyes! The necessities were on cue 100%. So when i had Londyn, I had my ducks in a row! I was so thankful that I passed on and recreated this list for my friends! Now, I am able to carry a few of those products here in hopes to help other new mommas!

In the light of the necessities, I now thought, why not help people come up with the perfect gifts for babies. Which led me further to momma gifts, then to baby/momma gifts! This then allowed me to design custom gifts for not only mommas and babies, but gifts for friends, sisters, and so on! There are so many options, and so many ways to customize.

Then the simplicity! Have you ever hated shopping last minute for a gift? Then having to wrap it and ship the gift. This is where I, at Mustang Box Boutique, can eliminate all the hassle! I create pre-made boxes that you can somewhat pick and choose from, then I also have “make your own box,” so if you are that person who knows what you want, you can pick from anything on the website to put in a Mustang Box. I then personally wrap, box, and ship it for you, making everything just simply easier!



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