Chic Damask & Wipes Case


Diapees & Wipees are great! Throw them in your purse or diaper bag and you’re on your way! When it’s time to change your little one, you have everyone in one spot so you’re not digging! Once your little one is out of diapers, use it to carry extra clothes to have on hand for those little accidents!

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Diapees & Wipees is a convenient and smart organizer for fashion-conscious moms. Designed by a stay at home mom to fit the needs of parents, this award-winning bag is ideal to hold a travel pack of wipes and 2 to 4 diapers (wipes case included). It protects diapers from getting dirty and the laminated water resistant design provides extra protection and makes it easy to slide diapers and wipes in and out. The laminated bag simply wipes clean requiring almost no maintenance to stay looking new. With a convenient Velcro closure, this bag can be used with diaper bags, handbags, or stand alone. The new packaging and included wipes case makes the perfect gift for yourself or others.


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