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About Mustang Box Boutique

Hi, my name is Lauren Viles, owner of Mustang Box Boutique! I am a wife, mother, teacher, & rodeo gal, so I therefore have a pretty fulfilling life! I started this wild and crazy ride in the fall of 2015, with the hopes to help in the gifting of babies! I love love love giving fun, unique gifts to all my friends who are having babies, and I think it’s fun to share what I absolutely prided having with my own kids! My idea of gifting is simple. Necessities and uniqueness. Cute onesies with comfy unique leggings with a fun headband or handmade crochet hat is a perfect gift! I also loved, and sincerely appreciated, at my baby showers when I was given little gifts for myself as well as my babies, which was my idea behind the Momma Boxes, and creating Baby/Momma Boxes, with gifts for both! Ready to give gifts to make your life simple is my goal!

So many of my friends are frantically looking for last minute baby gifts or everything may be gone off registries, and I want to make the lives of those easier! Even shooting an email to me, explaining the amount you want to spend and some idea of what you want, and I can get you the perfect gift in your budget! I have pre-designed boxes, create your own boxes, or the option to purchase items individually without being designed in a box! Everything that you find that may be in a box, you can find under product categories and purchase individually! There are really so many options for customers to choose from!

I am very excited to see the packages roll out to women, knowing I have made their shopping easier, and also make themselves and the friends they are gifting feel special and beautiful!

Please email me at lauren@mustangboxboutique.com if you have any questions whatsoever, and Happy Shopping!